August 2021 Updates

💯 VMP 100 marches on

Launching our 100th Essentials ROTM in March was such an exciting moment at VMP; it was a pleasure to bring 10 fan-favorite represses back. Did you miss out on any titles? Keep an eye out as they reappear in Swaps throughout the rest of the year.

** 📦 Orders page enhancements**

In May, we introduced some helpful options on your Orders page. Now, it’s much easier to filter your orders by Records of the Month or store purchases, as well as only view your orders that have yet to ship. We’re working hard to make more improvements around your order tracking experience — more to come!

🧠 Membership Tips page

Also in May, we released a “Tips” page, which you can access from your account and serves as a single landing spot for everything you need to know about your membership.

⏰ Email & SMS reminders during Swap window

To help ensure you get a record you love each month, we’ve added email & SMS reminders on the last day of the Swap window, as well as a Swap confirmation email to help reassure that your Swap option is confirmed. Opt in to SMS here (U.S. numbers only).

** 📅 Adjusted Swap window times**

The Swap window now opens at 10 a.m. MT / 12 p.m. ET on that month’s designated day. You can see the exact date on your membership page. The Swap window closes at 11:59 p.m. ET on the last day of the month.

🛍️ New ROTMs in the VMP store

Still need to snag a recent Record of the Month? If there is remaining stock, new ROTMs will launch in the VMP store three months after their initial membership launch. We’ll also mention these in our Wednesday Store Drop email once they hit the store.

🛒 Shop Pay x VMP store credit

VMP store credits are unfortunately not compatible with Shop Pay (Shopify’s accelerated checkout process). While this issue is on Shop Pay’s end, we’ve made some adjustments to help customers bypass this issue. Apologies to those affected and if you still have trouble using your credits, please contact us at

📋 Get on the waitlist

When a sold out product comes back in stock or gets repressed, we’ll always notify folks on the waitlist first. And while we can’t always predict what will come back, it never hurts to get on the list, because you just never know! Note: You must be opted in to receive VMP emails to receive these notifications.

💌 Manage email preferences

You can now choose which types of emails you want to receive from us! Just go here to customize.

🎨 Stickers for all

Congrats to our winners this far. Keep your design submissions coming and we’ll keep the free stickers coming. Submit your designs here. Winners receive $100 store credit and 200 stickers of their design.

🚚 Shipping timelines

Our fulfillment and shipping have experienced some delays lately because of industry labor shortages, as well as late product arrivals due to a shortage of shipping containers. We will continue to test the separation of ROTM and Store orders as some of these external factors stabilize so we can better determine its impact on an improved shipping experience.

⌛ Production timelines

We are seeing longer timelines for PVC pellets and jackets. We are working with our partners to ensure they have everything they need to make the music we all love. To ensure we can get your items out on time, or as close to on time as possible, we are moving our production timelines forward to accommodate this change in material schedule.

📝 6,000+ member survey responses

Extending a massive “Thank you!” to everyone who took our member survey! It’s extremely instrumental in helping us determine how to keep improving our customer experience throughout the rest of the year.

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