The VMP Fall Playlist

On October 26, 2015

As we’ve talked about before, music has a way of catering to the deepest, darkest secrets of your desires, evoking incredible amounts of emotions and having the capability of completely restructuring your being for the 3:24 minutes a specific song plays. It’s no wonder that nobody has ever really wrapped their head around this incredible phenomena - so we write about it, wallow in it, and listen to music that helps us in every way possible.

Well my friends, it’s that time of the year. I truly believe that if you’re someone who revels in the emotional pull of sound, then Autumn is the season for you. Fall is equivalent to change. Change sometimes is really good, but it can also be really, really horribly bad. You go through a spectrum of grieving, as nature does too. A chill consumes the air and it’s almost as if the outdoors is beginning to go through the same stages of heartbreak.

Fall is the one season where you are completely allowed to wallow in your grief, pity, self-misery and any type of heartache you’ve ever felt. It’s the time you look outside and all color is starting to drain from the trees, and the sky is a dull shade of grey. It’s the time you realize all food has lost it’s taste, and the book you’re reading just became insufferably uninteresting. It’s the time where none of the 500 people you walk past getting off the subway have faces. Fall is the time for you to dress up in fur, put on your makeup and that red lipstick he didn’t like, pour yourself too many glasses of champagne and dance to the song you used to play with your ex-lover. It’s the time to walk around outside with your mascara smeared down your face because who fucking cares who sees you crying right now? It’s the time to get so drunk you lose your fur and walk down the middle of the street half naked feeling every harsh blast of cold wind, allowing yourself to feel something, anything. It’s that time to get as angry as you’ve ever been and destroy every picture frame, mirror and memorabilia that reminds you of something that’s once gone. It’s the time to yell, scream and hit and then beg, plead and make empty promises for just a couple days of relief. It’s the time you realize how awful being an emotional human can actually be. It’s the only time you have constant stomach pains from your heart falling to pieces inside of your body. It’s the time to take baths that are borderline scalding with a bottle of red wine and hold your breath and pretend you will never come up but you do because it’s just a bath and you realize that this too will pass. It’s the time to pick yourself up and realize that you’re a human, and how beautiful being an emotional human can actually be.

It’s the time to play that fall playlist you’ve been saving for this exact moment.

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