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The Music That Shaped Nothing's New Album "Tired of Tomorrow"

On April 18, 2016


We got the chance to chat with Nothing about the music that influenced them the most during the making of their new record Tired of Tomorrow and it was all so good that we went ahead and made a playlist of it so that you could follow along while you read their thoughts. Said thoughts start just below the nifty embedded player you've already noticed and probably clicked play on.

Nicole Dollanganger - Angels Of Porn (Domenicky Palermo)

I kind of blindly discovered Nicole in the studio while Kyle was in one of his 8 hour drums sessions with Will Yip. The track I was really fixated on was Lemonade (and it's not on Spotify!), but Angels was a close second. Beautifully tragic stories of pain and vulnerability pour out in ways you couldn't imagine out of such an innocent and honest voice. You know you're hearing everything first hand and its truly haunting and inspiring.

Deftones - Xerces (Brandon Setta)

I've listened to this song any time ive felt like escaping any sort of situation. Its main theme is straight up leaving the planet because you dont belong here. Also one time I stayed with our friend Bobb Bruno for 2 days when I was going through some weird shit in LA. We got absolutely wasted at the Black Boar which became my favorite bar in LA that night. We stumbled back to his place and he poured me a huge glass of tequila and blasted this song and we just sat there and banged our heads together. The repetition of the line "I'll be waving goodbye" at the end has always been very powerful to me

R.E.M. - The Great Beyond (Kyle Kimball)

To me this is a song about staying hopeful regardless of the severity of the situation.

Radio Dept - Pet Grief (Nick Bassett)

This wasn't a direct inspiration on the writing but I was listening to this song and record a ton during the recording process.

Jackson C Frank- I Don't Want To Love You Anymore (Domenicky Palermo)

If you're reading this you're probably aware of some of the tragedy I myself and the band have gone through this past two years and, honestly, the past decade. From family and friends deaths, to prison cells, to addictions, to hospitals... Well, Jackson C Frank went through much, much much more. I enjoy listening to him when I start thinking I can't handle it all anymore, which in fact was the whole month in the studio.

Autumn's Grey Solace- Waning Faithful (Brandon Setta)

We had a lot of free time in the studio as other people were recording their parts and I remember the day Bassett showed me this record. It's a perfect start to finish and one of the most melancholy things I can imagine hearing. When this record comes on, and this song specifically, I'm immediately placed back to those days in my mind, and it will always be that way.

Red House Painters - Japanese to English (Nick Bassett)

Not so much the lyrics, but the atmosphere and tone of this song felt like it captured my entire mental state during the months before , during and after recording the album.

Depeche Mode - World In My Eyes (Kyle Kimball)

Someone once said that life was women, drugs, and roads. We all do what we need to do to get through life. For us at the end of every day it was going to the bar down the street to drink whiskey and play golden tee. It became something to look forward to.

Fear Of Men - Descent (Brandon Setta)

Undoubtedly listened to the LP Loom every day in the studio. This song is a favorite of mine because it describes my manic relationships with nearly everyone, not sure if you're coming or going, dark but something to cling onto. Lyrically fitting for laying on a dark floor in a recording studio trying to sleep.
"A womb or tomb would hide me well"

Brian Jonestown Massacre - Open Heart Surgery (Kyle Kimball)

At times during recording I could see anguish on my band mates faces for whatever the reason. this song is about wishing you could take away someone else's pain.

Smashing Pumpkins - Thirty Three (Nick Bassett)

This song was a big inspiration for the song I wrote for the record. Had always been one of my favorite smashing pumpkins songs and wanted to try to do something the came from the same place.

Radiohead - Bones (Domenicky Palermo)

Pablo Honey and Ok Computer were huge influences musically for me this year. I have been lurking in the mid 90s end of grunge stuff. Lots of bad stuff, but if you sift enough it can get magical.

Tears For Fears - Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down)(Kyle Kimball)

A B-side off Tears of Love, to me this song embodies silent suffering. It was easy to empathize with while tracking drums alone everyday for six grueling hours

Elliott Smith - Going Nowhere (Nick Bassett)

Same thing with this, was listening to new moon a ton during the month in the studio and this is my favorite track from the record.

Yuck - Stutter (Brandon Setta)

I got extremely into this record the year prior to going into the studio. At the time we were recording I was listening to this song a lot and it just made sense. "Time is on the outside looking in" perfectly describes the feeling of being stuck inside creating a record as the world passes by around you.

Harry Nilsson - Living Without You (Domenicky Palermo)

I was hanging out with my good friend Ross Farrar for a couple days in Oakland. We were talking about Nilsson a lot and decided we were gonna cover this song and not Lime In The Coconut(which I'm very glad). After our gig I was hospitalized from a savage beating. I had a fractured skull, orbital, and back, 19 staples in my head, and was partially deaf. He let me stay at his home for awhile to recover because I couldn't fly home as my brain was too swollen. He cooked me soup from scratch and then I left to stay in Big Sur to collect my thoughts. I remember being very high on pain killers, speeding down the Pacific Coast Highway and the sun felt so good on my face Id close my eyes occasionally. The scenery was immaculate, you couldn't tell where the water and the sky met. As Harry sings, "nothing's gonna happen, nothing's gonna change" I think of all the oceans and all the prisons, and why we haven't covered it yet.

Abner Jay- Cocaine Blues (Domenicky Palermo)



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