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Tell Us Your Pinkerton Stories

On April 29, 2016

Howdy folks,

As you well know by now, we had the (insane) chance to feature Pinkerton this month and there was no way we were turning that down. It was/is just too good of an album to pass by and we couldn’t be any happier with how it all turned out.

Which leads me to my next point: we know Pinkerton is one of those albums that was hugely important for a lot of us at very specific times in our lives and we wanted to collect some of those stories to tell to the whole club. Think of it as a scrapbook for VMP members filled with stories of what Pinkerton meant to as many of you as we can fit into it.

We’re going to collect these stories over the next week-ish and publish them in mid May so don’t worry, you’ve got some time to collect your thoughts, edit them, and make them all nice and shiny for the world to see. Here are the rules:

  1. They need to be specifically about Pinkerton, not about Weezer in general.

  2. They need to be 300 words or less.

  3. They need to be submitted to and only

Submissions that don’t follow any and all of those rules won’t be considered. I’m not trying to be a jerk it just gets too complicated otherwise.

You have until the end of day May 9th to turn in your story and I’ll be picking the very best to include in a post on the VMP blog and in The Standard. This is going to rule as much as this record does and I can’t wait to read all of these.

Let it rock folks,

  • TB

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Tyler Barstow

Tyler is the co-founder of Vinyl Me, Please. He lives in Denver and listens to The National a lot more than you do.

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