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VMP Interview with Teleman

On June 8, 2015

picture via DIY Magazine

Here again to give you another taste of your new favourite band.

Teleman are Thomas Sanders (vocals, guitar), Hiro Amamiya (drums), Jonny Sanders (synths) and Pete Cattermoul (bass). They are one of my favourite (newer) bands. Born from what was one of my favourite (older) bands, Pete & The Pirates. Having recently announced their debut album, “Breakfast,” which will be released on 2nd of June via Moshi Moshi Records. Touring with both Suede, and Franz Ferdinand in the last few months, I was able to sneak some time to talk to Pete Cattermoul about all things Teleman and vinyl.

VMP: Teleman, born from what was 3/5 of Pete & The Pirates. What were the focuses, and what things did you want to consciously change as a new band?

Teleman: We wanted to do something new, of course, with more of an open mind to the instrumentation on the record, rather than having one sound for the band, we’ve explored quite a few different avenues which hopefully bring out the best in each song.

VMP: Vinyl Me, Please is a “record of the month” club, basically. Each month, members receive a record in the post. Some records are new releases, some are older, some are on major labels, and some are on indie labels. If you could recommend the next three records for our members, what would they be? Some recent records have been Courtney Barnett, Thelonious Monk, Japandroids, Charles Bradley.

Teleman: I would recommend the new Metronomy album “Love Letters,’ it was recorded on tape and pressed straight to vinyl, so should appeal to waxheads for sure. From my own record collection I could recommend Neil Young’s "After The Goldrush.” It was the first record ever bought for me as a gift, for my 17th birthday from my first girlfriend :) How sweet was that! Then I would also suggest Kraftwerk’s “Trans Europe Express,” because it is amazing.

(See Teleman’s gloriously stunning new video for ‘23 Floors Up’ here)

VMP: How important is it to you, as artists/a band, to release your music on multiple formats? Is vinyl important to you? (Why so?)

Teleman: Vinyl is really important to me, and us. It’s the most exciting format for sure. Firstly, there is a wonderful ritual of putting on a record, which elevates the music. Then there is the fact that each side is a maximum of 25 minutes or so, which Is a nice digestible chunk of time. Then you get to turn over the record and listen to side B. I think people still structure their albums for vinyl, in two halves, I think that’s really important to the idea of an album. Then there is the fact that it sounds ten times better than a CD :)

VMP: Do you remember the first song, or band, that made you want to choose an instrument and join a band?

Teleman: I was really into the Beach Boys, they made me want to play music. I learned all my harmony from working out their songs. Bob Dylan, Velvet Underground, The Pixies, Neil Young, David Bowie, Flaming Lips. All big influences.

VMP: What is the first record you remember buying?

Teleman: Haha, yes it’s was Salt n Pepa’s “Push It.”

VMP: If Teleman could write/record a soundtrack for any film, which would it be?

Teleman: Pulp Fiction would be fun.

VMP: What are five songs, right now, that you can’t stop listening to?

Franz Ferdinand - “Right Thoughts Right Words Right Action” - (they are playing it now actually)

Darkside - “Paper Trails”

Emmanuel Jai - “Kuar” (Henrik Schwartz Remix)

Patrick bishop - “Redoubt”

VMP: If you could partake in a “dream tour,” with any artists/bands, of any era, who would it be?

Teleman: Talk Talk. Roxy Music. Stevie Wonder.

You can catch Teleman on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the Web.

Their album Breakfast is available for pre-order here.

Also, for folks in the UK, they’ve just announced their May headline tour, with support from Gentleman. Tickets available here.

Victoria Sanders loves Vinyl Me, Please, and can usually be found selling you your favourite bands merch, or writing about music for one place or another. You can find her on Twitter or at Bluestocking Agency.


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