It takes a special sort of artist to pull the listener into a different world entirely, and there are far more examples of folks who have tried to do that than ones who have pulled it off. Like Twain said about the difference between the right and the almost right word, the difference between immersion and depiction is like lightning vs a lightning bug. Daniele Luppi's work falls squarely on the lightning side of that comparison and MILANO, a concept album meant to bring you into the jungle that Milan, Italy in the 80's was, is a masterpiece from an artist at the top of his game.

I recently got some time to sit down with Daniele to talk about his childhood in Milan, the inseparable bond that visual art and music share in his mind, and what it is that pushes him into projects like these over and over again. Daniele is treasure, as his is work, and you're going to love getting to hang with for 30 minutes or so today.

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