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Salvage Audio October Golden Ticket Giveaway

On November 4, 2015

In The Republic, Plato talks about how the beginning of a work is the most important part because that’s when its character is being formed. That’s when it’s the most impressionable, when the particular quality of its art is taking the shape it will carry for the rest of its life. In the modern world, this often manifests itself in our love of the story behind a product and the people who made it. To the context and desire that gave birth to the idea and the process by which that idea became reality. Said another way, we love products that have been made the “right” way, and we love to follow the people behind them. People who do things the way they “ought to be done”, whatever we may mean by that. A notably subjective concept but one which, nevertheless, adds a certain sense of weight to the work a company does. A certain almost-moral heft to the things they make.

Salvage Audio is a company that has that focus and quality in spades. The details are simple: they started from scratch with the idea of making incredible speakers out of reclaimed wood in their small shop in San Luis Obispo county in CA. They didn’t have funding, they didn’t have investor or industry help, they just worked their asses off until they had made a line of products that could speak for themselves. As they've grown, they've kept their team and their shop small for a reason: they want to make sure each speaker they make is the absolute best it can be, and they're not in a rush. They'll make the next one when this one is finished. It can be difficult to maintain a focus like that as your product gets more popular, to start thinking of it as more of a numbers game than a piece of art, but so far these folks are doing an excellent job of it. They seem more interested in the process of creating these speakers than in how to quadruple their output each year, and it's working for them. 

We recently got to try out a few of their speakers and can say without a doubt that their work has paid off and their products are saying all the right things. You just know it when you hear it. Between the combination of AUX and Bluetooth inputs, the design aesthetic, and the audio horsepower involved these speakers do everything you’d ask of them without cluttering the place up. They’re solid, in a variety of ways, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on a couple of sets. Naturally, we also couldn’t wait to tell you about them as well which is why we picked them for our Golden Ticket Giveaway this month. Four lucky VMP members are getting one of their Fawn speakers and, frankly, I haven’t felt this jealous in quite awhile. These things are seriously good.

Salvage Audio’s line of speakers will make perfect Christmas presents as well and if you’re in the market for those, head over to The Retro Store, an online emporium of nostalgia, curated over in Sunny Scotland

As always, happy listening folks,


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