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Record Store Day 2014

On June 9, 2015

Record Store Day is, without a doubt, my favorite holiday. Every year I go through the list of releases with the careful consideration of a child planning their Christmas list. As in-store performances are released, the anticipation and excitement builds. The day is planned meticulously long before it finally approaches. Record Store Day 2014 was different. As soon as I saw the announcement that Jack White would be releasing the World’s Fastest Record on RSD I knew my day would be spent in Nashville.

After four hours of driving we arrived in Music City, USA. Pulling up to Third Man Records was everything I had anticipated. The street was lined with anxious patrons waiting to get their hands on a copy of the World’s Fastest Record. At the beginning of our wait there were hushed whispers that the line would be cut off and that we might be S.O.L. if we didn’t make it to the front in time. Over the next two hours the line moved fluidly with conversation passing among strangers. Once I got my hands on my copy of the 7” I felt as though I had accomplished something just as remarkable as Jack himself.

Some may say releasing the World’s Fastest Record was novel or kitschy. I agree, but I don’t say it with the same disapproving tone I’ve heard from others.  There’s always something exciting about the hunt for a limited record; getting your hands on something that you know few will ever own.  To know that you were a part of something that had never happened before, to bring about a renewed excitement to something that some see as dated, to share in a moment so fueled with energy was a beautiful experience.

After leaving Third Man Records we ventured a few miles to Grimey’s Too. I had been told Grimey’s is the largest and most notable record store in Nashville. I managed to pick up a copy of Deer Tick’s 7” and the Steve Earle Townes 12”. Grimey’s was an impressive establishment. The employees we’re extremely helpful and courteous. The records were separated with a room possessing its own genre. It was definitely a place I would love to return and get lost in for hours.

After the long ride we finally made it to Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis. Greeted by warm smiles and plenty of hellos we knew we were home. I casually picked through the remnants of the day and ended up buying a copy of the Ray LaMontagne 7”.

If you are like me collecting vinyl isn’t just about the collection itself. It’s the excitement when you remove a record from its sleeve to see a pop of color instead of the expected black. It’s the emotion tied to the music. It’s the support you give the artist with your purchase. It’s having a tangible copy of your favorite albums. It’s the relationship you feel between yourself and the artist when you sit back and let the record spin. It’s personal, it’s beautiful, and it should be celebrated every day.

Laura Ord is a 20-something St. Louisan with a burgeoning record collection, a knack for words, and an eternal sense of wanderlust. She will be receiving a bachelors in journalism and is the proud parent of a Yorkie, fondly named Gatsby.


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