The Christmas special soundtrack is one of the most popular vinyl releases every holiday, and the Halloween special’s soundtrack is sure to be the same for Boo season. But until now, the iconic themes of the characters on Peanuts, your pals Linus, and Lucy, and Snoopy, remained hard to find in one place. If you want to remember what it sounded like when Lucy sang a song to Schroeder, Peanuts Portraits--now available for the first time in the VMP store here--has you covered.

Featuring 11 audio “portraits” of iconic Peanuts characters, this is a slab of vinyl every Peanuts and Guaraldi fan needs to own. It’s crazy to know the Guaraldi trio could knock out things like this for TV specials with such regularity:

Or this:

Long live Peanuts and long live the music of Vince Guaraldi.

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