The following is a brief list of vinyl releases from this week which, once you purchase them, will ensure your collection cannot be defeated:

Four Tet - Morning/Evening

four tet

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Kieran Hebdan (Four Tet) makes incredible albums.  Complete, work-of-art, engaging albums.  The English electronic musician has made another one of those albums, in this case mimicking the circadian rhythms of a complete day (2 stanzas, "Morning" followed by "Evening").  If anyone else tried to do this it would be a gimmicky disaster, but Kieran is a pro so you can trust him.  Not like the person you call a professional because they have a piece of paper hanging on their wall, but the kind that has actually proven it to the point where their past work is all the credentials they need.

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Envy - Atheist's Cornea


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We don't often discuss hardcore albums in The Standard as none of our staff can easily pointed to as "the hardcore nerd" like we can for other genres.  However, no post-secondary education on the genre is necessary to know within one track that Japanese rock band, Envy's, latest album is something worthy of more than a casual listen.  There's blood in the veins of this album.  It's been 5 years since their last album, but after listening to this we have a sudden urge to revisit their entire catalog and dig into them for a while.  The "Great Envy Summer of '15" is what the period shall now be named...join us if you want, we're fine sharing or not.

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Veruca Salt - Ghost Notes


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Yup. That Vercua Salt. The ones that put out American Thighs in 1994. They're back and the album is worth a listen.

Stream via NPR First Listen

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