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Our Favorite Vinyl Releases of the Week (7/21/15)

On July 21, 2015

The following is a brief list of our favorite vinyl releases from this week. To ignore these records is to ignore the future of your collection:

Ducktails - St. Catherine

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Ducktails is the the solo project of Real Estate's Matt Mondanile, a guitar player known for a humid, shimmery 60s soft pop sound that keeps you calm, but engaged....another way of saying that it's a soothing sound, but won't put you to sleep.  The 5th album (jump in at 2013's Flower Lane if you're unfamiliar with any of his work) finds the project continuing to branch out into it's own distinct territory, less of a nonchalant side project and more of alter-ego finding a confident stride of its (his?) own.  Produced by Rob Schnapf (Elliot Smith) & with guest vocals from Julia Holter there's a lot of intentionality that pays off in creating one of the best Ducktails albums to date.  One couldn't go wrong jumping in here or with his previous album...only in not jumping in at all *writes that down under 'Chicken Soup for the Musical Soul' ideas.

Listen to "Headbanging In the Mirror"

Zero 7 - Simple Things

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If you aren't sure if you've ever heard anything by British music duo Zero 7, let us ask you THIS question...did you happen to peruse the Lacoste website in the early 2000s?  You know you were trying to figure out the size conversions on the polo around then, there's no reason to dodge it.  Well, the song "Destiny" was constantly playing in the background while you pretended to be a tennis player....and guess what, it was/is AMAZING! So nice work Lacoste marketing team of the early 2000s...we remember.  But, behind this turquoise swimming pool of a song is something addictive, chill electronic album that was swung on and missed by most critics, but has become a fan favorite, stood the test & is now taking a quick victory lap with a new 180g repress.

Stream the full album via YouTube

 Mas Ysa - Seraph

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This was a new one to us as we weren't familiar with Mas Ysa's previous work.  The Canadian, Thomas Arsenault previously released an EP entitled Worth last year that was quite well-received.  Intrigued, we started digging a little, but haven't been able to get our hands on the full album, only a single from Seraph that you can also hear below.  Why would we recommend an album we've never heard? Well, sometimes you need to go with a gut can often prove wrong, but the times that it proves right are what makes buying albums fun.  If you also go on gut feeling based on our gut feeling that's like a double rainbow...and if you don't like it? Well, we haven't heard it so you can't hold us responsible for your poor choices....but if it's good, we'll absolutely take the credit.

Listen to "Margarita"


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