Nada Surf - High/Low

№37 - January 2016

On December 17, 2015

Hail, hail the 90s! A decade that burst forth with all the pain, pride & experimentation of a neon green slap bracelet.  Musically-speaking it was the best of times and worst of times, but into this foamy, cultural hot tub came High/Low, Nada Surf’s 1996 debut. The release unexpectedly found a rocket ship in the form of MTV Buzz Bin, the popular comp series that picked up hit single “Popular” and pulled the band into a different atmosphere in the process. The ironic reading of tips on how to be popular threw a javelin into the heart of a generation of teenagers who understood the pain & humor of the joke on a very real level. What was missed by many, however, was that bookending this hooky pop single was a classic. As often happens with cultural history, things take time to fully reveal themselves and in the case of High/Low we’re glad to be able to highlight an exceptional album, fully realized and deserving of your head and heart.

What’s included in this VMP Exclusive:

  • 150g orange color vinyl, gatefold jacket
  • 8pg lyric/liner notes booklet
  • First stand-alone vinyl pressing

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