Here's what T.Y..E. said about the video:

"I have so much emptiness in my heart and soul. I can never be a real man. I can never be happy. All my insecurities live within me for a reason. It's torture to live. People think I don't believe in God but I do, it's just that me and God have never seen eye to eye. And what I go through everyday is God's way of punishing me for not letting him command my life.

My spirit is stained with the blackest darkness and not even a baptism can wash it clean. My life on the inside is misery and filled with hate and envy. Hope is an ongoing lie that is force fed to me to prep me for my daily torture. Living has become a most dreadful experience. My smiles are forced and my love is rejected. I'm not good enough to be God's child. I'm not good enough to be successful and I'm not good enough to be loved. I'm unusual."

If you're not familiar with T.Y.E., this Pigeons and Planes interview should get you caught up. The short version: He went to Carter High in Dallas and was a basketball star there. Somewhere along the way, he got into opera and theater was named an all-state performer and won an opera scholarship to Abilene Christian. But then he got diagnosed as bi-polar, went through a ton of crazy stuff and started rapping.

Oh, and not to bury the lead here, but T.Y.E. will also be Vinyl Me, Please's June VMP Rising artist, as we'll be releasing a vinyl edition of 32 in June. We'll share more details when the release gets closer. Until then, enjoy "Unusual" and its haunting, cinematic video.

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