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The Most Sampled Albums In Rap History

We Break Down Three Prodigiously Sampled Records With Help From Who Sampled

On May 29, 2019

Today, Vinyl Me, Please is going to be selling three albums — Skull Snaps, Bongo Rock and The Gospel According to Zeus — that are among the most sampled records in the history of rap music. From drum breaks to shouts to basslines, these albums have helped write the history of rap music.

When you're talking about samples, there's one place to go on the internet: Who Sampled, the No. 1 name in breaking down exactly where that part of a song is from originally. So, we're proud to present our bundle of the most sampled albums in history, along with these visualizations of their samples.

The Most Sampled Albums Of All Time
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In figure one below, we can see that Bongo Rock has been sampled more than 600 times in the last 38 years, which works out to something like 16 songs a year sampling some piece of it.

Here we break down those 604 samples in Bongo Rock further.

That's a lot of samples.

Here we have the nearly as sampled Skull Snaps. Gang Starr to Linkin Park to The Prodigy. This one has the range.

Here's the long and winding sampling road of a single track from Skull Snaps, "It's A New Day."

This is where Who Sampled rules extra hard: I'd never have guessed that Bongo Rock actually peaked in the early ’90s, but I guess it makes sense because that was really the era of the super hard crate-digging producer.

Peace to Large Professor.

And finally, we bring you this chart, which shows some of the key samples from Power Of Zeus' "The Sorcerer Of Isis."

Any questions?

The Most Sampled Albums Of All Time
Check Them Out Here

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