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Majical Cloudz Release New Single "Silver Car Crash"

On August 12, 2015

There are small moments, sometimes with others sometimes alone, when you eject through the roof of your own skull and hang, parachuted, in a version of your world in which you can finally see, if not possess, what you've always been looking for. A brief exhale where you have reason to believe that you might not be as crazy as you've led yourself to believe, and that you may one day find peace. A perhaps abstract, but nevertheless literal, suspension of your own disbelief.

One such moment is likely to happen when you listen to Majical Cloudz' new song "Silver Car Crash", the first single off their upcoming October-released album "Are You Alone?" (the title of which, admittedly, is also one of the most terrifying questions we'll probably ever have to answer). This self-revelatory locker-left love letter carries such a sense of space with it that it leaves the listener wondering whether Devon Welsh is writing it more to cure his own lovesickness than to actually win someone over. Said another way, there is a warm barrenness here that's not wholly unlike a womb that has just given birth. It seems important, in the way that finally finding the right word feels important, that Welsh has gotten these emotions out, and it feels equally so that we are here to hear him do it. To tinker with Stanley Kunitz' famous line, Welsh here has daydreamed an art so pure that we can look through it and see ourselves.

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Tyler Barstow

Tyler is the co-founder of Vinyl Me, Please. He lives in Denver and listens to The National a lot more than you do.

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