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Longview, TX | The Spins One-Year Anniversary Party

On July 25, 2017

Last July, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what the The Spins in Longview, Texas was going to be, even though I was set to be the DJ. Not knowing what kind of party you’re walking into can elicit anxiety, but not knowing what kind of party you might be THROWING can be downright terrifying! But after a year of DJing in Longview, I would describe it akin to your favorite backyard hangout but with a steady flow of curated music spinning away from a giant stack of records, one of which you might even win.

In my nervous excitement, I decided to create rules for myself: <br>

  1. Every set must be vinyl only. <br>
  2. Only feature records that could have at some point been acquired through the club. <br>
  3. Play the album of the month in its entirety. <br>
  4. Touch upon as many genres as possible while still paying extra attention to the month's featured genre, showcasing the fact that there's something for everyone in this club. <br>
  5. Add a signature – a theme song - "Mic Check" by Cornelius. I still get an electric thrill the moment every month when the tape recorder “click” of “Mic Check” bursts forth and another Spins begins.
"The hush of tickets being gathered and exclamations from a patio of partiers hanging on every number provides a moment of pure connection for all..."
Erik “DJ Hazbro” Dunham

Jazz, blues, and downbeat electronic provides a chill and welcoming ambience for the initial small wave of happy monthly pilgrims. About an hour in, as the album of the month anchors the mood for the evening, the core group is established. And then the first record drawing weaves the magic of the ritual. The hush of tickets being gathered and exclamations from a patio of partiers hanging on every number provides a moment of pure connection for all. The record is awarded, congratulations are provided, and the needle drops back in place as the pockets of conversation resume, invigorated by the sense of community now firmly established.

Country gives way to rock, pop, and hip-hop in a rising swell of energy that finally crests into a denouement of classic rock. Walking out the door at the end of the evening – having met new friends, having enjoyed new songs, having maybe even won the record that will create a new path of organic discovery – Spins Regulars are born and rejuvenated out of the sonic waves of the region’s most unique monthly event. What began as an experiment has, in twelve months, transformed into one of the most beloved parties in Longview. It comes as no surprise the one-year anniversary was celebrated like the birthday of a loved one – with gifts, friends, food, and even cake. If you find yourself in Longview – deep in the pine country of East Texas – on the third Thursday of the month, make your way to Ray Gene’s hole-in-the-wall establishment and have a beer with some of the great folks you’ll find there. We’ll welcome you in as one of our own, and you can experience for yourself the live enchantment of Vinyl Me, Please – The Best Damn Record Club!

  • By Erik “DJ Hazbro” Dunham –

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