Every month, we send you the Rap & Hip-Hop selection, pressed on a variety of color vinyl, remastered from the best quality audio we can get our hands on (most often, the original master tapes). In addition, our Rap & Hip-Hop titles come with an exclusive stencil. These titles are only available through the Rap & Hip-Hop subscription, and won’t be available in the store. Our first release was Noname’s debut mixtape, Telefone, and our second release was Common's Electric Circus.

Our Rap & Hip-Hop release for November is Living Legends' Classic, a backpack classic featuring some of the best underground MCs the West Coast has to offer, with production by legends like Madlib. You can stream it below:

In December, we're featuring Madlib's 420 Chalice All-Stars, a mix from Madlib's Medicine Show series that blends production and dub reggae. It's never been on vinyl till now.

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