About this cocktail:

With Play, Moby aimed to tie it all together. Using the canvas of pop-electronica, Moby fused a breakbeat sonic backbone with a palette of perfectly curated funk, soul and rock vocal samples. Each ingredient seemingly disparate, in the hands of this creator, they blended into something much greater than the sum of the parts. Both then and now, "Play" captures an ethereal and uplifting aesthetic that just somehow FEELS like the 21st century from the first loop to the last break.

Inspired by both the intent and the process of Play, our cocktail aims to take care in the selection local District of Columbia-produced spirits as ingredients and then fusing them in a simple but unexpected way to create an uplifting experience from the first sip to the last drop. Republic Restoratives Borough Bourbon provides the drink's backbone as a straight-ahead Kentucky bourbon finished in Sauvignon Blanc barrels to give it a subtle yet 'otherworldly' high note. The cocktail's "loop" is provided by the bitter-sweet White Vermouth from New Columbia Distillers, which keeps the drink evenly thumping from sip to sip. Finally, our house made honey lemon syrup and sage-infused simple syrup are the "samples" that set The Hunny Bunny's core ingredients off.

While each track on Moby's Play appeals to this aesthetic, Moby chose "Honey" as the lead track, perhaps because it set the tone for these perfectly integrated components. The pounding piano riff from Joe Cocker's "Woman to Woman" alongside the ongoing chant of "Honey" from Bessie Jones immediately make you say "Who would've thought of that?!?".

So sit back, mix yourself The Honey Bunny, and drop the needle on Play. Just make sure you have somewhere to set the drink down because you'll no doubt be getting up at some point to cut some rug!

Cocktail by Alisha Edmonson and words by Joe Lapan <br> Owners of Songbyrd Music House & Record Cafe

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