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On April 9, 2019

Box sets are an inevitability for most vinyl collectors: At their best, they represent a way for you to go deep on a single artist, genre, or scene in a package, instead of having to track down every Bowie studio album or every D.C. funk LP. But box sets can also be unwieldy, and tough to prioritize. How many box sets do you own that have unplayed albums, or albums you’ve only played once? Did you actually take your time with every album, and read the liner notes, and experience the whole box set?

Vinyl Me, Please Anthology is a reimagining of the box set that puts the story and the music first. VMP Anthology was born from our mission to experience music more deeply.

UPDATE: The first edition of VMP Anthology is sold out. You can go here to get on the mailing list for future editions.

“Great labels and artists can’t be summed up in a single album or quick spin. They require slow listening across a lifetime of work, in-depth storytelling, and space to think and discuss,” said Cameron Schaefer, Head of Music & Brand, Vinyl Me, Please. "The unique new VMP Anthology product brings together a premium vinyl box set, storytelling via an exclusive podcast and content series, and a private fan community, inviting listeners to experience a much deeper connection to the music. This is more than a box set really, it's a 6-week journey for the kind of music fan that lives for the liner notes."

VMP Anthology: The Story Of Blue Note Records is our first edition of this new series. It will unfold over the course of 6-weeks and three shipments of two LPs, each from different eras of Blue Note, the best jazz label of all time. As your guides on this journey through Blue Note history, we brought together Don Was, President of Blue Note Records; Ben Ratliff, a Grammy-nominated jazz critic; and the Vinyl Me, Please team, working together to go deep on the various eras of jazz through the Blue Note artists and albums that shaped them -- Bebop, Hard Bop, Soul Jazz, Post Bop, Fusion, and The Jazz of Today.

VMP Anthology doesn’t end at just the liner notes and the albums; we’re launching a podcast to take you through each album, and have created a community on Facebook for you to talk to other people receiving the box set to compare your notes on the albums.

“A lot of work went into making sure this wasn’t just a collection of albums from Blue Note: We take you from Alfred Lion and Francis Wolff -- two immigrants obsessed with jazz -- deciding to put out Thelonious Monk records to today, when the label is still putting out albums that are moving jazz into unexpected places,” said Andrew Winistorfer, Vinyl Me, Please Editorial Director. “The 80 years of Blue Note is an incredible story that lead to incredible music, and we tried to capture that. We did a podcast series with Don Was -- who helped us narrow down the albums from each era--and Ben Ratliff’s booklet covers everything from stylistic changes to canon to the iconic artwork.”

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