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Women and Women-Identifying Artists Who Changed Our Lives

On March 8, 2024

In celebration of International Women's Day this year, VMP's staff gathered a list of our favorite albums from women and women-identifying artists and why they're special to us.


Whitney Houston
The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack Album
"I Will Always Love You" was the first time a song ever brought tears to my eyes. I was eight. I begged my parents to buy the CD for me and from the moment I got it, the whole album was on repeat for far too long. – Emily Nixon, Director of Digital Marketing & Content

Rilo Kiley
Under the Blacklight
The introduction of Jenny Lewis into my musical repertoire was huge! She has an iconic voice that you recognize instantly, and she's featured on so many other amazing albums that I now love. 
Rachel Bracken, CRM & Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Linda Ronstadt
Greatest Hits
Linda Ronstadt's Greatest Hits was life changing for me because it came out when I was in high school (Yes, I’m that old). My BFF and I still listen to it and can tell you a story for every song! So many memories!
Kerry Flynn Barrett, Consultant HR


Parallel Lines
This record rips.
Oliver Barrett, Creative Director 


The Roches
Seductive Reasoning
Before Suzzy joined to complete the sonorous, sororal trio, The Roches were Maggie and Terre, who went down to Muscle Shoals with Paul Simon to record their 1975 debut. In my opinion, they were on the right track — song after jeweled song gleams with winsome wit, clever arrangements, and jawdropping harmonies. I'll always love it, but that's not the point.
Stephen Anderson, Vinyl Quality Manager


Fiona Apple
I mainly remember the music video; I was all of 10 years old, and was stopped dead in my tracks, likely playing with Star Wars action figures in front of the family TV on a Sunday morning, MTV providing the soundtrack (they played music videos back then, kids, gather round the camp fire while pappy tells you a story) while my dad made waffles. I don't really remember what I thought at first, except "That lady seems really sad" and then I remember the piano, and the swirling chorus, and realizing that whatever this was, whatever this music I was hearing was, was going to be something I spent my life with, the same way my parents moved multiple copies of Tapestry across three states and roughly 50 domiciles. I was right, and her later albums would feel like signposts in my own journey with depression and adulthood; When the Pawn arriving when I was 13 and sensitive, Extraordinary Machine when I was 19 and sensitive, Idler Wheel get the point. Tidal was there all along, and always will be, which I guess is a self-fulfilling prophecy, but who cares when the music is this good.    
– Andrew Winistorfer, Senior Director of Music & Editorial

You can get the VMP edition of this album here.  


Big Thief
Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You
This album coincided with a year of big changes in my life, and Adrianne’s lyrics captured so many of my equally big feelings at the time. Little did I know that year was just the start of a much longer span of time full of the highest highs and lowest lows I’ve known — Adrianne’s words on this album and her solo songs since then have narrated all of those moments, so much so that it’s felt eerie at times. I return to “Certainty” on this album often. 
Hannah Hayes, Liner Notes & Print Editor


The Carpenters
The Singles: 1969-1973
Some of the most talented musicians I've ever seen – peak, pristine, 70's production, and it reminds me of my mom. Both her and Karen were my first voice teachers and I'll always be grateful for that fact.
– Molly Compton, E-Commerce Coordinator


Alicia Keys
Songs in A Minor
The first time I heard this album I was captivated. Alicia Keys has vocal range and her fingers can dance on the keys. I've always had a love for classical music and piano, and it has a sample of "Moonlight Sonata" in it. This album is a fantastic blend of sounds that I enjoy to this day.
Dan Guarino, Senior Director, Supply Chain


I Disagree
This album is so rad, because Poppy not only shreds but they also mix pop nicely into the mix, in such a genuine way, you can't help but smile. One moment you are banging your head, and then dancing the next. The imagery also was such a change from Poppy's previous output, it just came as such a welcome surprise. 
Paul Bass, Senior Manager, Customer Care & Community


En Vogue
Funky Divas
The first CD I ever purchased was En Vogue Funky Divas at Hastings in Laramie, WY. "Freed my mind" to a whole new world of music and culture that was previously not a part of my human experience. Forever grateful.
Cameron Schaefer, CEO



Mariah Carey 
The reason this album is so special to me, and especially "Always Be My Baby" is the memory that's tied to it. Spontaneously, my mom and I went on a girls weekend to see a play and stay in a fancy hotel a few hours away from home. We listened to this album on repeat the whole weekend. I had so much fun with my mom. We drank Coke out of twizzlers and just screamed the lyrics to that song at each other. I'll always be her baby. And our love will linger on forever.
Jesse Pavlovic, People & Operations Manager




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