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Holy Fuck Pick Their 20 Favorite LPs That Everyone Should Own

On May 12, 2016

We're big fans of Holy Fuck's new LP, Congrats. Such big fans we're selling it in our member's store this month. We also got a chance to ask the band to give us a list of their 10 favorite LPs, and they ended up sending us 20. Here are their picks.

Brian Borcherdt:

Sun Ra: Nubians of Plutonia- It doesn't matter what Sun Ra you get on vinyl. Just get some. Especially now that Saturn reissues are so cheap. Get any of Sun Ra's Chicago period or early New York stuff, because it's timeless and the music is so generous.

Velvet Underground & Nico- Again, you could get any VU records, but this is as great a place to start as any. Also endlessly generous music, it gives so much and never grows weary.

Neil Young: Harvest- My personal favourite. But there are so many great Neil records: After the Gold Rush, On The Beach etc. Harvest is so warm and comforting.

Ennio Morricone: Metti Una Sera a Cena- You can only get this as an Italian import at the moment. But it's a great soundtrack the whole way through... no filler.

Native North America- This compilation by Light in the Attic rules. The packaging and liner notes are beautiful and every song is great.

Broadcast: Tender Buttons- So good. It sold out for ages and now reissued. Trish at her most ingenious.

Can: Ege Bamyasi- Picking ten records is hard, writing about them is harder. I dunno. You just need to have this in your life.

Black Sabbath: Master of Reality- Maybe one of Sabbath's darkest and heaviest. Hard to say. I love their first five records.

Joni Mitchell: Ladies of the Canyon- this one's personal cuz I grew up with it. But you need beautiful 'finger picking' folk music in your collection... whether it's this or Linda Perhacs or something.

LL Cool J: Radio- or maybe Bigger and Deffer, any old school East Coast Hip Hop from 82 to 88, like Schooly D or Roxanne Shante's Def Mix Volume 1.

Graham Walsh:

1. The Clash: Sandanista: The Clash's 4th record. I really love this record, and it has my favourite Clash song on it ("Magnificent Seven"). Mickey Dread provided some pretty great dubs on this album too.

2. Herbie Hancock: Sextant Herbie Hancock at his weirdest and funkiest. sure...what he did with The Headhunters was awesome...but this is better!

3. Slayer: Seasons in the Abyss Heavy awesomeness from start to finish. You simply cannot just listen to only ONE song off this album. Obviously, if you are a fan of heavy metal music, then, you know this album already. If you DON'T know this album, then you're probably not a fan of heavy metal music.

4. The Isolationist: S/T (Anti-Pop Consortium with DJ Vadim).   Minimal, weird and avant-garde hip hop...and the lyrics are the most "out there" of any Anti-Pop record.  Hugely underrated rap record.

5. Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgare Bulgarian folk songs sung by the state Radio and TV female vocal choir.  This album sounds more epic than anything you could ever imagine.  Just goes to show you how powerful the human voice is.

6. Boards of Canada: Music Has the Right to Children Life changing record when it first came out.  I bought it in 1998, and didn't know music could sound like this.

7. Guided By Voices: Mag Earwhig Some of the best pop songwriting ever. Sure, Bee Thousand is a cult classic, and definitely has some jams on it, but, Mag Earwhig is just so stacked!

8. The Congos: The Heart of the Congos Classic roots reggae record. Produced by Lee "Scratch" Perry.  Perfect for putting you in a great mood, no matter what kind of day you are having

9. Talk Talk: Spirit of Eden MUST HAVE record.  Another life changing record for me, and another one that opens up your mind to what can be achieved with minimalism and space in music.  It's the HUGEST quiet record ever.

10. Ahmad Jamal: At the Pershing There's lots of Ahmad Jamal records out there. This one is really nice though.  Classy Jazz! Put it on during your next dinner or cocktail party.

Pick up Congrats in the store next week.


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