First Edition of The Spins!

On March 11, 2016


Much like Russell Simmons, Garth from Wayne's World, and the kids from Superbad, we here at VMP have always been excited about a good party. Why, you may ask? One, because parties are the point of living, and two because there’s a particular, unbreakable bond you form with someone(s) you’ve pushed the limits with. But that’s a story for another time. I’m here to talk to you all about our new series of nationwide parties called The Spins. If you were on Twitter this week you probably heard a bit about it while we were nudging you to follow @thespinsvmp (which you should do, so that you can stay in the know as it grows). Well, this is the first month of The Spins and 5 parties went down last night, one in Brooklyn, San Francisco, Chicago, Boulder, and Goshen, NY. The team was at the Boulder one, but don’t worry, we’ll be surprising you folks at ones around the country soon.

Here’s the point of this: we want to bring people closer to music that matters, and we think parties are one great way to do that. So, every month we’re going to be throwing parties all around the country on the same night so that we’re all listening to the same record at the same time and become better friends in the process. Sure, maybe you won’t know anyone at the first one you go to, but you’ll know that the folks there love music as much as you do, and you know what record you’ll be talking about, and we think that’s a great start. We have a feeling these are going to be an awesome fixture on your calendar each month, and we can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got in store for these (and you) over the course of the year. Emily, Severan, and Brittany are brilliant at this stuff and their collective evil genius is directed at blowing your minds month in and month out.

So, here’s to hanging out, great drinks, and killer music. It’s going to be a hell of a 2016, and we can’t wait to see you all out there. Below are a few pictures from the party at The Gate in Brooklyn.


- The VMP Team

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