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Evenings - Yore

№4 - April 2013

On April 1, 2013

It’s not often that you get a little piece of the future gift-wrapped and sent to your front door, but every once in awhile dreams really do come true and we’re amped to be the ones making it happen for you. Meet Evenings, the brainchild of Nathan Broaddus. We’ve been listening to Evenings for the last few years and have been chomping at the bit since we found out his first full-length album was coming out to feature it on Vinyl Me, Please.

There’s something about this record that’s difficult to put into words. It captures our fundamental human longing and sense of both our surroundings and ourselves so profoundly and so elegantly that it’s almost baffling. It’s a rare pause in the heyday of our lives to reflect on the intricacies and the depth of everything. It’s the rocking chair of the soul, and we think it’s worth your time to come and take a seat for a few hours.


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