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Cornelius on the 10 Albums Everyone Needs to Hear

On June 16, 2016


When the store opens later today, we're going to have copies of a reissue of Cornelius' Fantasma. Because we love that record, and Cornelius, we asked him to pick 10 albums that everyone needs to own. 


It feels like something I won’t ever get bored of and can listen to it forever type of minimal music. It matches well with the changing atmosphere when on a tour bus. It helps clears my mind.


Beautiful chord structure and melody. I’ve been listening to it since the age of 15 and love to listen to it. Paddy McAloon is a amazing pop song writer. Thomas Dolby’s production is also wonderful.


3. Les Baxter and Samuel J Hoffman Music Out Of The Moon

It was a piece when the moonlight was still romantic. It’s a nostalgic space music.


Yann Tomita is a Japanese musician and a steel pan musician and the first Japanese hip-hop producer. He also runs a Audio Science Laboratory. He works on a wide range of music that does not exist elsewhere.


It’s a modern sound difficult to imagine that was recorded in 1968. Magical and dreamy. The vocal harmony is beautiful.


David Crosby’s first solo album. It’s psychedelic and the feeling of one strength is being taken away is addictive.


The simple sound of the rhythm box and hammond organ feels good.


I was shocked when I heard this when I was in high school. It’s modern and scrupulous. Green’s neither male nor female vocal sound is appealing.


It’s an album recorded in his bedroom and reflects a private & tasteful sound. It sounds new even listening to it now.


10. Felt The Strange Idols Pattern and Other Short Stories

One of the idols from when I was in high school.  I used to listen to them on my cassette tape Walkman everyday.  It affirmed that I am different than other people when listening to them.


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