Boy - Mutual Friends

№6 - June 2013

On June 1, 2013

It's rare that an album really charms you. It's even rarer when one charms you and takes you to task with its message. "Mutual Friends" is one of those albums, and we found it so disarmingly insightful and inviting that we couldn't bear to live any longer in a world in which all of the VMPers didn't have it in vinyl.

This album is the cat's meow. It's all of the cats meowing, as a choir, with an orchestra, and they are meowing all of your favorite songs and there is a parade, and everyone you've ever loved or will love is there with you. This album is your heart breaking and then being re-sewn. This album is Jordan winning his first title in 91, and how it feels to fall in love again, and long summer nights that feel as infinite as we are.

And we couldn't imagine a better title for this album than "Mutual Friends", and we couldn't imagine someone who needs this record in their lives than you.

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