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Betty Davis - Betty Davis

№55 - July 2017

On June 22, 2017

For a very long time, it was very hard to learn anything about the woman behind the cover of Betty Davis. It's widely known she was once married to Miles Davis (hence her surname) but that's hardly enough to explain how a former First Lady of Jazz became the leading Femme Fatale of Funk. Moreover, if you scanned the credits on her albums, you realized that Betty wasn't merely a mouthpiece for a male producer or songwriter but an artist in her own right, an independent visionary in an era where Black female solo artists were a rarity. In a show of independence that has few comparisons, then or now, Betty wrote every song she ever recorded and produced every album after her first. That puts her in rarefied company among all musical artists, male or female. Yet, despite an earned reputation as being ahead of her time, it seems that time never caught up to her.

What’s included in this VMP Exclusive:

  • 1LP, 180g, Silver & Blue Splatter Vinyl
  • Gatefold, Foil-Stamped Cover
  • Custom Liner Notes Booklet
  • Exclusive Coloring Sheet
  • 12x12 Art Print by Extra Vitamins

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Betty Davis' Family Tree

Though Betty Davis is Betty's vision, executed, she and producer Greg Errico contracted a murderer's row of session players to play on the album. Check out this interactive site that tells the story of the players on the album.

Betty tired of the constant comparisons to everyone, male and female alike. I'm me and I'm different; my music is just another level of funk. I love Tina (Turner), but we are two totally different people. The same with Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone, Larry Graham, and Stevie Wonder. We all make your fingers pop, but for different reasons... so don't compare me.
Oliver Wang

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Podcast: The Life And Times Of Betty Davis

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