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№43 - July 2016

On June 23, 2016

Like musical theatre and scripted television, jazz and hip-hop are uniquely, undeniably North American art forms. Though the latter genre was born out of funk and disco in the late 1970s, many of its landmark artists embody the ethos of jazz: loose, visceral, instinctive. Some hip-hop acts--A Tribe Called Quest, or more recently Kendrick Lamar--have successfully repurposed jazz, but the older genre has seldom made successful inroads into new generations of rap fans. And that’s what makes BBNG so unique: their ability to meld jazz and instrumental hip-hop into something so elusive, so unique, something altogether their own.--Paul Thompson

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What's included in this VMP Exclusive:

  • 2LP, Lavender-colored vinyl
  • Exclusive jacket color
  • Die-cut sticker with digital download card
  • Original art print by Vlad Sepetov

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Perhaps more than anything, the fact that BBNG have been able to reach such creative heights speaks to their willingness to buck convention. It goes beyond blurring genre lines: while jazz is experiencing a major resurgence as part of the American pop music landscape, the group members are reticent to discuss their place in the genre.
Paul Thompson

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Why Jazz Is Suddenly Cool Again

In 2016, however, kids do like jazz, and why wouldn’t they?

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How Innovative Leisure Uses a ‘Simple Ethos’ for Putting Out Eclectic Records

We tell the story of Innovative Leisure, a record label behind some of the best releases of recent memory, including BBNG's IV.

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