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The Spins: At Home

On February 8, 2017
# What is The Spins: At Home? We launched The Spins event series in 2016 to expand upon this community and help bring it to life. Through The Spins, our members have shown us that not only are we connected to different artists who create all kinds of music, but we are also connected to thousands of other people across the world who take part in a similar listening experience. We want play our part in helping foster this unique community by providing an opportunity for ***all*** vinyl lovers to participate- members and non-members alike. We can achieve this goal through empowering our members across the world to curate their own vinyl listening party via ***The Spins: At Home***.
# I want to attend The Spins: At Home RSVP to attend a party by clicking on the icon in the interactive map (see below). * Blue = The Spins (at venues) * Orange = The Spins: At Home (open to members) * Green = The Spins: At Home (private party)

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