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9 Vinyl Record Storage Options for Collectors

On November 18, 2016

So you've started a vinyl record collection.  As the records start accumulating it doesn't take long before the problem of storage comes into play.  One record by itself feels incredible slender and light, 50 records feels like a stack of encyclopedias for both you and your unsuspecting shelf.

Below are 9 great vinyl record storage options covering the spectrum of price and style.  You've spent good money on your records; to not spend a little more to ensure they are stored and protected properly is a crime.  Luckily, today there are multitude of great options as more furniture makers tap into the vinyl resurgence. 

Atocha Design/New York 

More than simply record storage, New York designer Jenn Atocha creates vinyl-specific furniture pieces so aesthetically pleasing they can serve as an anchor for an entire room.  Hand-crafted with finish options ranging from walnut (below) to maple, cherry and oak, the furniture is designed specifically to support the weight of a large record collection, each drawer holding up to 95 LPs. What we love most about Jenn's designs is the ability to flip through records easily and quickly see the cover art with each.  There are multiple furniture designs with a variety of customization options should you require extra space for 7"s or CDs.  Two pieces that particularly caught our eye are The Record Cabinet Series (from $3,900) and The Record Stand (from $1,275). The Record CabinetThe Record Stand 

Wax Rax 

Built by hand in their Brooklyn workshop, Wax Rax are the maker of metal vinyl record storage carts built specifically for vinyl collectors.  Similar to Atocha Designs a major benefit of Wax Rax LP storage carts is the ability to flip through your records with the cover visible, rather than spine-only as is the case with modular units.  OH yeah...and the carts are on wheels so you can move them quite easily around the house. The standard carts hold between 300-400 LPs depending on the model and are made of aluminum making them sturdy and durable.  The standard cart comes in two different models, the RC-1 Anodized Aluminum Cart ($4,200) and RC-2 Powder Coated Steel & Aluminum ($1,525).  They also have an LP-V series (pricing on request) that can hold up to 700 LPs. RC-2 LP CartLP-V Shelving Symbol Handcrafted Audio 

Like Atocha Designs above, Symbol Handcrafted Audio produces beautiful LP storage furniture pieces that can easily stand on their own as an stunningly-crafted piece of furniture.  Handcrafted units in a wide variety of shapes, styles and sizes, but all with a similar sleek, classic aesthetic.  An interesting feature of the AERO series is the swivel bin feature which unlike the standard sliding drawer, swivels outward at a 45 deg angle allowing you a better view of your records. While it is definitely an investment, it's the type of furniture that you'll have in the family for years without reason to upgrade further.  A couple pieces of note include the AERO 25" Media Stand ($2,545)  and the AERO 51" LP Storage Cabinet ($3,545). AERO 25" Media Stand

AERO 51" LP Storage Cabinet KALLAX Series (IKEA) 

The KALLAX (from $35) is the replacement to popular EXPEDIT series shelving system from Swedish mega-chain IKEA.  The change caused uproar among the vinyl community, but in reality the two are nearly identical...the KALLAX simply uses less materials, but the cube dimesions are the same, meaning a perfect fit for your records. No bells or whistles, just economical, nice-looking vinyl record storage that has served thousands of vinyl collectors for many years.  And like the modular system above, they can stack together neatly as your collection grows. IKEA Kallax (from $35) Cubitec Shelving (Design Within Reach) 

Coming by way of one of the most consistently high-quality furniture stores around, Design Within Reach, is "Doron Lachisch’s Cubitec Shelving (1998) combines the exceptional strength and stability of injection-molded polypropylene with simple modular design, featuring lightweight shelves with a corrugated core." Modular, customizable, stackable, and sexy.  The Cubitec Shelving Kit 13.25" Depth ($265) is a simple, attractive and functional way to store your precious vinyl children. Cubitec Shelving Boltz Furniture 

If your main concern is strength,  Boltz Furniture makes modern steel furniture that looks like it could keep your records safe and secure in the midst of a nuclear war.  While the company has a wide variety of storage and shelving options, their LP Album Storage Racks ($229 for 1 shelf) are awesome in their ability to stack one on top of the other as your collection grows. LP Album Storage Rack (2-Shelf) Gothic Furniture 

Simple, functional, sturdy - billed as "New York's Local Manufacturer & Retailer of Quality Wood Furniture," Gothic Furniture provides cost-effective vinyl storage cabinets that look unassuming, but well-built.  Gothic describes their Record Racks as, "Hand made from REAL solid Birch Plywood and REAL Birch Wood Veneer Edging, our Record Racks are not only built for storing your records, but engineered to last. A solid plywood construction with a fixed shelf and removable vertical dividers ensures that this record rack will hold your heavy vinyl safely and securely." Their LP Record Rack, 2 Shelf with Base ($139) is a great option for someone wanting a more traditional looking piece, but not wanting to spend a fortune. LP Record Rack, 2 shelf with base QBO Modular Steel Cube System (The Container Store) 

Italians do it least most things, furniture being one of them.  The QBO Modular Steel Cube System features 14" x 14" cube LP storage that is just the right size for your records.  With galvanized or enameled steel options with multiple colors the units have a more modern, industrial feel, but will obviously hold up against the weight of a large collection.  Like most modular systems the options for customization is endless and the system allows you to easily add more cubes as your collection grows.  Two configurations that caught our eye include the Galvanized QBO Steel Cube Library ($877) and the Enameled QBO Steel Cube Tower ($281)Galvanized QBO Steel Cube LibraryEnameled QBO Steel Cube Tower


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