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Why Vinyl Me, Please?

Discover essential albums and build your vinyl record collection

We celebrate one incredible vinyl record every month and send an exclusive pressing of it right to your door. We’ll also include an original 12x12 album-inspired art print and a paired cocktail recipe to sweeten the deal even more. So yeah, go ahead. Freak out. You finally found the company that celebrates your birthday every month.


Special edition vinyl records you can’t get anywhere else

When we say special edition, we’re not messing around. We work closely with both the label and artist to come up with something you (actually) can’t find anywhere else. We’re talking colored vinyl, custom lyric books, exclusive artwork, personal notes from the artist, and much much more. The only thing that won’t surprise you each month is how much you end up loving the music itself.


Broaden your musical horizons

Your taste is your own, and we’re not trying to change you. We’re just here to help you explore the best of what’s around these days and discover some classics you may not know. You’re starting on an adventure with us and, as with all good adventures, we can’t promise anything more than that every record you receive from us will be well worth your time and attention. We know both are valuable, so we won’t send you anything we don’t 100% believe in.


Access to our vinyl record store — an internet paradise

Hold onto your butts because it gets better. In addition to all of that, you also get access to the online music paradise of your dreams. We keep it well stocked with more exclusive pressings and a slew of other vinyl record titles that are guaranteed to make your turntable’s toes curl. As a member, you’ll have first pick of everything in sight along with very cool prices and free shipping. You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that your record collection is getting even closer to being the last name ever, first name greatest.

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Stay inspired and informed

Our weekly music newsletter, ‘The Standard,’ is delivered to your inbox every Friday and comes stuffed to the gills with playlists, music news, album reviews, hi-fi gear, discounts, how-to-guides, and much much more. After reading that list you’re probably thinking to yourself “yeah right, there couldn’t be more.” But there is more – a LOT more. And all of it will help you stay tuned-in and fresh in front of your friends and family, guaranteed.


Flexible and easy memberships that work for everyone

We know that trusting someone else to curate your record collection can be scary. Like, really scary. You’ve had your whole life to fine tune your taste and we certainly don’t want to get in the way. That's why we have SWAPs. With SWAPs, you can exchange a featured record with one from the VMP Archive or a limited set of store titles. This way, even though you’re trying new things, you won’t be forced to take a title you already have or you know in advance isn’t right for you. That, plus:

  • No contract, no strings, no guilt trips. You really can cancel anytime.
  • No hidden fees, either. We’re not like that, ok?
  • Ability to customize the membership to meet their individual tastes through swaps and tracks
  • Top-shelf customer service to make sure you get the answers and help you need as soon as humanly possible.

What you get

Special access to our online record store

First dibs on other VMP exclusive titles, available only to members, plus a curated set of new releases, reissues and box sets to round out any collection.

A weekly round up of all the latest news and tunes

‘The Standard’ newsletter will make you scream with laughter and delight while it fills your brain with good knowledge about great things.

Unparalleled music discovery

Think of us as your music-obsessed best friend who gushes to you every week about what you need to be into right now. Because that’s what we are. Bring it in, champ *gives you a hug*.

Invitations to our monthly listening parties

We’re no Socrates, but we know that living The Good Life requires great parties and we’ve got you covered. Every month, in cities around the country, we throw record listening parties that come complete with drink deals, giveaways, and a teeming crowd of people just like you. *picks up bullhorn* CAN I GET A HELL YEAH?