Give The Gift Of Rap & Hip Hop This Holiday Season


Is there a hip-hop head in your life looking to build a badass record collection? Then VMP Rap & Hip Hop is the right gift for them. Each month we scour the internet and archives of legendary record labels to find the titles that need an archival grade pressing. We get to work remastering from the highest quality sources and press these records on high quality colored vinyl and package them with exclusive content, including a custom stencil based on the album artwork.

Give The Gift Of Vinyl, Be Loved Forever

Each month they'll get...

A rap or hip-hop record essential to their collection

Special edition rap & hip hop records exclusively pressed for VMP members, delivered monthly, means their collection will bounce louder than any of the neighbors'

A custom stencil

Take the love of music and put it on display with a custom stencil. Just don't let them do anything stupid with it...

Special access to our online record store

First dibs on other VMP exclusive titles, available only to members, plus a curated set of new releases, reissues and box sets to round out any collection.

Free Shipping

We ship all records in custom designed packaging to protect the precious cargo. Plus, shipping is included in your membership so you'll never pay extra again.

And plenty more...

Because everyone needs more vinyl...

Help them build the record collection of their dreams

Vinyl Me, Please is a music-lover’s paradise. That means that if you know someone who loves music, then giving them a VMP subscription is like giving them paradise. They’ll think it’s very cool. They’ll not only get a special VMP exclusive pressing delivered to their door every month (Schwing!), they’ll also get access to our online store that’s stuffed with other exclusive pressings and a slew of vinyl finery to make their lives even more excellent. These are incredible times we’re living in, friends.


The gift that keeps on giving

We all want to be loved, but it’s hard sometimes to know how to make that happen. At least until now. Vinyl Me, Please memberships not only make great gifts, they also make people love you. We know because a scientist told us. If you don’t believe us, then believe Science. It’s the right thing to do.


Flexible and easy memberships that work for everyone

We know that trusting someone else to curate your record collection can be scary. Like, really scary. You’ve had your whole life to fine tune your taste and we certainly don’t want to get in the way. That's why we have SWAPs. With SWAPs, you can exchange a featured record with one from the VMP Archive or a limited set of store titles. This way, even though you’re trying new things, you won’t be forced to take a title you already have or you know in advance isn’t right for you. That, plus:

  • No contract, no strings, no guilt trips. You really can cancel anytime.
  • No hidden fees, either. We’re not like that, ok?
  • Ability to customize the membership to meet their individual tastes through swaps and tracks
  • Top-shelf customer service to make sure you get the answers and help you need as soon as humanly possible.

Show Your Love With Vinyl

Gift FAQ

How do gifts work?

VMP Gifts work just like a digital gift card. First select what type of membership you'd like to give and where the recipient is located (United States or International), then click continue. In the checkout, you will be asked to enter in the recipient's name and email address and we will send them an email with instructions for redeeming their gift. You select which day you'd like the email to go out and include a message to be inserted into their gift email! All emails go out at approximately 3am EST that day and will include steps for redeeming their gift. You can set the date to go out on a big holiday, their birthday, anniversary, wedding day, or just a casual Saturday (those are the best kinds of gifts).

How does someone redeem their gift?

When the selected day comes, the recipient will receive an email with steps for redeeming their gift. For people who are not currently members, we will activate a membership for them and include 2 bonus records in their first shipment. If the person you're giving the gift to is already a member, they can redeem their gift to get the full gift value (i.e. what you pay) deposited into their member account. From there they can upgrade their membership and/or use the credit toward VMP Store purchases.

If the recipient wants to redeem their gift for something other than Classcis, they can select from one of our other memberships while redeeming their gift.

What does a gift membership include?

Every month after the gift has been redeemed (for the duration of the gift membership), the recipient will receive:

  • 1 LP pressed exclusively for Vinyl Me, Please members; packaged with exclusive content you can't get anywhere else
  • Access to member-exclusive products in the VMP Store (includes free shipping on U.S. Domestic Orders; Discounted shipping for international orders).
  • Flexibility to exchange the featured record for something from the VMP Archive via SWAPS