"While late-’80s East Coast rap was brimming with Afrocentrism through the Native Tongues collective and the quintessential B-boy flair of Run-DMC, Wu-Tang Clan rose from the ether as a minatory, philosophical force hailing from Staten Island. As the impetus of hardcore rap, 'Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)' was a succinct orchestration of mayhem and ruthless lyricism that introduced a new dawn of hip-hop brilliance. Over the sound of repetitive snapping and combative slamming, head honcho RZA is the introductory voice of the album on “Bring Da Ruckus.” Challenging all foes, the song is a nexus between Wu-Tang Clan and martial arts culture, aggressively daring hip-hop rivals to compete. As Wu-Tang Clan became a global sensation, the success of '36 Chambers' was a slow burn, but eventually certified Platinum in 1995. The forefathers of current-day venomous rappers and crews like Denzel Curry, Pro Era and A$AP Mob, Wu-Tang Clan revolutionized ’90s rap based on their volatile origins and street wisdom. On 'Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers),' the once-overlooked posse emerged straight from the underground."