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Still Woozy

Still Woozy is the VMP Rising pick for December 2019. We have his debut, Woozy Discography on Black in Orange vinyl here.

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The music Sven Gamsky makes under the name Still Woozy is the epitome of chill. His 2019 EP 'Lately,' which arrived after a two-year string of wildly successful singles, is a 13-minute cross joint of poolside psych-pop and breezy R&B. All five songs are under three minutes, propped up by bulbous basslines, draped with wobbly guitar strums, and centered around Gamsky’s croon that hits like a Newport drag; minty, ashy, and nonetheless strangely pleasant. 

However, despite his lackadaisical delivery and the perma-fried aura of his compositions, the 27-year-old Californian is an incredibly diligent worker who thrives in the joyful chaos of house parties and forges his music in the fires of his own OCD. “I have really crazy OCD that kind of comes out in music,” Gamsky says while calling from the road on his way to a performance in Houston. “I will spend so long making music and tweaking every little thing, and when I do revisions on songs I do like 30 versions, 40 versions.” 


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Still Woozy Woozy Discography
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