VMP Gift Membership OLD Design


One exclusive VMP record sent every month. Schedule your gift delivery via email. Free printable option also available, for giving in person.



What They’ll Get

Your gift recipient will receive the following each month - 1 LP pressed exclusively for VMP members, deluxe packaging with unique extras, and special access to titles in our online store.


3 Track Options

Your gift recipient will choose the Track that best suits their tastes. They’ll choose from EssentialsClassics and Rap & Hip-Hop.


Flexible To Their Tastes

Each month, your gift recipient can choose to Swap the monthly record for a different one of their choosing — so they’ll always get something they really love.

How it Works

Printable option to deliver your gift in person
Redemption details delivered via email on the date of your choosing
Upon redemption the recipient will choose their Track
Sweet vinyl is delivered to their door!

How do gifts work?

VMP Gifts work just like a digital gift card. First select what type of membership you'd like to give and where the recipient is located (United States or International), then click continue. In the checkout, you will be asked to enter in the recipient's name and email address and we will send them an email with instructions for redeeming their gift. You select which day you'd like the email to go out and include a message to be inserted into their gift email! All emails go out at approximately 3am EST that day and will include steps for redeeming their gift. You can set the date to go out on a big holiday, their birthday, anniversary, wedding day, or just a casual Saturday (those are the best kinds of gifts).

How does someone redeem their gift?

When the selected day comes, the recipient will receive an email with steps for redeeming their gift. For people who are not currently members, we will activate a membership for them and include 1-2 bonus records in their first shipment. If the person you're giving the gift to is already a member, they can redeem their gift to get the full gift value (i.e. what you pay) deposited into their member account. From there they can upgrade their membership and/or use the credit toward VMP Store purchases.

What does a gift membership include?

Every month after the gift has been redeemed (for the duration of the gift membership), the recipient will receive:

  • 1 LP pressed exclusively for Vinyl Me, Please members
  • An original 12”x12” art print inspired by the album and custom cocktail pairing recipe
  • Access to member-exclusive products in the VMP Store; includes free shipping for Domestic Members (discounted shipping for international members)
Each membership comes with SWAPS. If the recipient doesn't care for a record we're featuring they can swap it out for something else from our archive or a limited selection of store titles. They will have unlimited swaps as well! Trust us, your friends & family are going to love you for this.

What should I select for shipping destination?

We have different pricing for U.S. Domestic and International Membership due to different shipping costs. If the person you're giving the gift to is located in the US, select "United States." If they're located outside the United States, please select "International." People will not be able to redeem Domestic gifts with an address located outside the US. We ship to a limited number of countries, please reference this page to see a full list of available countries.

Want to buy gifts for your company and/or a large group of people?

VMP Memberships make for excellent gifts for your employees, partners, or your entire family! If you're looking to purchase more than 10 gift memberships, email us at info@vinylmeplease.com and we can send you bulk pricing.

VMP Gift Membership OLD Design

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