“There are many decades worth of history that produced 'Finally Rich,' Chief Keef’s debut album, an onomatopoeic, flawed, but nonetheless electrifying depiction of portaling one’s way out of street life and into luxury. It is a visceral project about a prodigy reveling in his victory, about going from surviving to thriving. To this day, it remains the most straightforward display of star power from a mercurial rapper with little use for it — one who would go on to be among the most influential artists of the 2010s. The true spirit of 'Finally Rich' is getting the chance for a clean slate — of removing yourself from a history of violence the best you can. Sure, Keef couldn’t stop repping O’Block or GBE, any more than anyone could separate them-selves from their home and support system, but his determination to evolve manifested in the decisions he made. He never became an industry commodity, but he became an innovator.”