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"Sheffield" By Dr. John Cooper Clarke

Read An Original Poem Inspired By Arctic Monkeys' Hometown

On March 20, 2018

Dr. John Cooper Clarke, punk poet laureate, wrote a poem inspired by Sheffield. We present it below.


To the tune of “Stockport” by Frankie Vaughan

I’ve travelled up and down this country

From St Helen’s down to St Ives

I’ve dined in the finest of places,

and there’s one word I read on the knives

displayed on any blade of quality

Sheffield Sheffield Sheffield

It calls to me.

I’m going to Sheffield

I really rate it

I mean Sheffield

I’m gonna reiterate it


Sheffield Sheffield Sheffield

It’s got to be.

There’s Richard Hawley on the corner

The cockers both Jarvis and Joe

Henderson’s relish to order

And a steak and kidney to go

Park Hil’ls airborne avenues above.

Sheffield – that’s a place I love.

I’m going to Sheffield

The reputation is stainless

oh yeah Sheffield

Internationally famous

Where hobnail boots are shabby chic

And Wednesday ain’t some day of the week


Sheffield Sheffield Sheffield

Shoo be doo bee doeee

I’m going to Sheffield

My destiny walks here

You heard me right Sheffield

Republic of South Yorkshire

It’s a town that’s out on its own

I’m gonna shout it down this microphone

Sheffield is my second home

Sweet home sweet home

Sweet home sweet swingin’ ho-ome

Profile Picture of Dr. John Cooper Clarke
Dr. John Cooper Clarke

Dr. John Cooper Clarke is a Salford-born poet and performer who has shared bills with the likes of Joy Division, the Sex Pistols and the Fall, and released multiple albums. He still performs, and appeared on AM on "I Wanna Be Yours."

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