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#NoFilter: Interview with Instagram Crate Digger @RecordsFromSK

On February 3, 2017

There are hundreds of ways to discover music across competing social media platforms right now, and we want to help make the process easier. Many record collectors are sharing their latest finds and highlights from their personal collections on Instagram, and each month our own IG record blogger, @lostrpm, spotlights one account he admires in hopes of turning you on to something you may not have heard before. We call it #NoFilter.

Saskatoon is the largest city in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Located on the South Saskatchewan River, Saskatoon boasts a rich cultural history that our IG record collector of the month @RecordsFromSK is constantly mining, in order to bring you the finest in 60s, 70s, & 80s regional records. Most of what he digs up are private press LPs and 45s that are, essentially, artifacts from Saskatchewan’s music scene of a bygone era. Let’s see how he does it.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Dude who lives in Saskatoon and is obsessed with records.

When did you start collecting records and why?

For me, it was a pretty natural extension of being a kid who was both obsessed with music and loved to collect things. I started out buying CDs, but as I got more and more interested in music from the sixties and seventies, getting into records was inevitable. Working at record store for the last seven years has only fuelled the obsession/compulsion.

What is your specialty in collecting? (genre, format, etc.)

I've spent the last four or five years dedicated to collecting records from my home province, Saskatchewan. I'm after anything from the sixties and seventies, and will occasional venture into the eighties if a record seems intriguing. It's almost certainly the largest private collection of its kind in the province, rivaling only the University of Saskatchewan's - but I totally have them beat with regards to quality, ha ha.

How many records are in your collection?

I'd estimate around 6000 LPs and 1000 45s. The Saskatchewan portion of the collection is nearing the 1000 mark.

What are your favorite places to dig?

I love record stores, flea markets, and record fairs, but to me there's nothing better than hitting up an antique mall or thrift store in a town or city that I'm passing through.

What’s the rarest record you’ve ever found?

Probably Rey Dahlen's "Democracy" 45. Of the thousands of Saskatchewan songs I've heard, this is the one I truly think could've/should've been a hit. Unfortunately it was relegated to a "private release" on a small regional label and never had a chance. To my knowledge, I have the only remaining copy of an estimated pressing of 10 or so.

What advice do you have for the next generation of record diggers?

Patience and persistence, and be nice to everyone in your record world. I've scored some great records thanks to the kindness of friends, record dealers, and even strangers who have kept their eyes peeled for me.

Give us 5 record-centric IG handles we should be following:

@fuckingsiiickbackcovers. @groovemerchantsf @jonnytrunk @lonestarstomp @thingsifoundinrecords

Profile Picture of Jeffrey David Harvey
Jeffrey David Harvey

Jeffrey David Harvey is a record collector/archivist/music historian who focuses most of his time looking for lost and forgotten music at thrift stores, garage sales, and junk shops. You can check out his latest finds at on his Twitter and Instagram. He also runs for those who prefer nostalgia in their internet surfing.

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