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2015 Gift Guide

On November 30, 2015

1. Vinyl Me, Please Gift Subscription ($99-299)



The holidays just sound better on vinyl. Vinyl Me, Please offers gift plans for periods of three months, six months, or 12 months. A gift membership comes with a VMP Gift Box that includes up to 3 bonus archive records (depending on which membership you purchase), plus a one-time use code to be applied toward a membership. Every month after the gift has been redeemed (for the duration of the gift), the recipient will receive:

  • 1 LP pressed exclusively for Vinyl Me, Please members

  • An original 12”x12” art print inspired by the album

  • A custom cocktail recipe

  • Access to The Standard

  • Access to our member’s only store with discounted records, gear, and VMP merch

  • A host of other members-only benefits

Trust us, your friends & family are going to love you for this.

2. AudioQuest NightHawk ($599)


NightHawk isAudioQuest’s full-bore assault on both the state of the headphone art and on the limits to which quality, innovation, and sustainability can be achieved at an affordable cost. In all aspects of its design — from its packaging to its sound quality — NightHawk is intended to minimize waste and excess while maximizing performance and value. 

Along with its many innovative design elements and materials — Liquid Wood earcups, 3D-printed biomimetic grilles, biocellulose driver diaphragms, a patented split-gap motor design, and a patent-pending suspension system — NightHawk delivers a naturally detailed, full-bodied, seductive sound for an uncommonly immersive listening experience.

3. AudioQuest Record Brush ($15)

Audio Quest Record Brush

Found in DJ booths, hi-fi shops, record stores, and listening rooms around the world, the AudioQuest Record Brush is a must-have for any vinyl enthusiast. This anti-static brush uses two rows of conductive carbon-fiber bristles to effectively eliminate static charges and remove the dirt and dust that would otherwise send annoying “snaps” and “pops” through loudspeakers. 

With the AQ Record Brush an essential part of your vinyl ritual, you’ll enjoy a cleaner, quieter listening experience.

4. Orbit Basic by U-Turn Audio ($179)

U Turn - Orbit Basic

The Orbit Basic is designed to do one thing: provide detailed and dynamic sound that far exceeds its price. Key features include a precision unipivot tonearm, pre-installed Audio-Technica cartridge, low-resonance MDF platter, and vibration damping feet. The manual belt drive decouples the motor from the platter, which eliminates motor noise and delivers excellent speed consistency (switchable 33/45 RPM). The Orbit Basic is remarkably easy to setup and use, and comes with everything you need to be spinning within minutes.

5. Orbit Plus by U-Turn Audio ($309)

U Turn - Orbit Plus

Get the most out of your vinyl with the Orbit Plus. The Plus features a premium acrylic platter, which delivers enhanced speed consistency, superior detail, and seriously punchy bass. The arm comes pre-installed with a Grado Black1 cartridge, which is known for its rich and natural sound. Other features include a precision unipivot tonearm, vibration damping feet, and decoupled manual belt drive (switchable 33/45 RPM). All turntables come with a dustcover, RCA cables, felt mat, and one year warranty.

6. Pluto Phono Preamp ($89) 

U Turn - Pluto Phono Preamp

Pluto is a low-noise phono preamp for moving magnet (MM) cartridges. It combines high-quality components and elegant circuit design to accurately boost your turntable’s signal at this crucial stage of amplification. Pluto’s RIAA network consists of WIMA film capacitors and premium resistors for detailed and distortion-free sound.

 7. Zu/DL-103 Mk.II by ZU Audio ($439)

Zu/DL-103 Mk.II

  • moving coil

  • 0.25 mV output

  • 40 ohm impedance

The Zu doesn’t just slay giants: It rips their beating heart from their chests, shows it to them, finishes them off, then chases their souls and drags them down to hell. ...the Zu DL-103 in particular was capable of sounding bigger, and had a better, more impactful way with uptempo music. In that respect, the Zu was more stirring—more involving—than all but my Miyabi 47. Really.

 —Art Dudley, Stereophile

8. Zu Omen Mk.II by ZU Audio ($1,800)



Omen is the right speaker for the vast majority of music junkies looking for great playback that rather not sell plasma or their bikes to get it.

The Omen loudspeaker is our hook, the best we can do without making regrettable compromises in performance or materials. We think Omen Mk.II really delivers on the performance all that exotic driver goodness and premium cabinetry suggest, but only you know the sound you are looking for, everyone has their own sense tone and all of us have different tastes in music. Our in-home trial lets you play your music in your own space with your own electronics, free of some sales guy with bad breath hovering over you. So find out if Omen Mk.II floats your boat, without getting soaked, our 60-days satisfaction guarantee makes it possible and we coordinate and pay return shipping if they don’t do it for you.

 9. SYMBOL Audio Dovetail Record Crate ($225)

Record Crate Stacked

Whether storing new finds or favorite titles that are in heavy rotation, our Dovetail Record Crate is the perfect way for you to store up to 100 LPs in a portable, beautifully crafted crate. The Dovetail Record Crate is handcrafted from locally sourced solid walnut or white oak and features exposed English dovetail joinery for both beauty and strength. Vegetable tanned leather handles with solid brass fasteners lend comfortable support when moving full crates and add an elegant and functional detail.

10. SYMBOL Audio Stereo Console Table ($4,195)


The Stereo Console Table allows you to connect multiple devices to the built in amplifier and switch between sources with the push of a button. Whether streaming, spinning records, or watching TV the Stereo Console Table provides an immersive sound experience through it’s integrated titanium full range drivers and substantial subwoofer. Store up to 300 records with optional LP storage bins and eliminate clutter with the internal component storage space and cord management system.

11. Jukely Membership ($25-65 per month)


Jukely allows members to put themselves on a guest list for upcoming music shows. The curated selection includes a wide range of artists from rock, dance and electronic to hip-hop and hardcore, with an emphasis on emerging talent and rising stars. No more hunting down tickets, paying exorbitant fees, or trusting creepy scalpers. With a Jukely Membership, you're in.

12. Taylor Stitch '68 Cone Mills Jacket ($145-188)

Taylor Stitch

We worked with the folks at Cone Mills to recreate their classic 1968 denim with our own custom, double ticking-stripe selvage id. Milled at a perfect 13.5 oz. weight with minimal starch, this denim will break in quickly and produce dream-like fades. This is American-made denim at its finest.

13. Genre Record Dividers, Set of 6 ($186)

Genre Dividers

For vinyl collections organized by genre—we've got you covered! If you've got a big collection of The Clash, Descendents, Misfits and every album and single ever released by Whitney Houston... we don't judge your musical leanings, we're just here to help get them organized. Whether you collect Jazz and Classical, or Soul and Bossa Nova,our genre panels will help keep your collection organized with style. We've created over 75 genre options to suit your hyper-organized music catalog. Efficient and stylized, hyper-organization never looked so good.

This product is designed for vertical AND horizontal storage of 12-inch records. Panels are engraved on the front and back, allowing for multiple display options. Tabs can be aligned to the left or the right, vertically or horizontally. Not what you're looking for? Check out their alphabetical vinyl separators.




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