Miles Davis


№ 60
December 2017

"Sorcerer is a contrary and underdog-like recording by an artist who must have been at a moment of reckoning; he had not yet figured out his breakout move into electric music to interact with the counterculture, and within the acoustic jazz tradition he may have gone as far as he could go. What should he do? If I understand Miles Davis right, he didn’t like the idea of “should.” If I understand jazz audiences right, this is the reason that we have liked his long game so much."

Read more of Ben Ratliff's Liner Notes for Sorcerer here.

What’s included in this VMP Exclusive:

  • 180g, Orchid Purple Vinyl
  • Remastered from the original tapes
  • 8-Page Liner Notes Booklet
  • Liner Notes by Ben Ratliff
  • 12x12 Original Art Print by Santiago Carrasquilla

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Miles Davis
“As with a lot of great jazz records, it doesn’t do any good to wish Sorcerer were a masterpiece. This record is staring off to the side, unconcerned with old definitions, steeled for what is to come.”

Ben Ratliff

Read more of the Liner Notes for Sorcerer here.

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