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The Best Metal From July, And Beyond

On July 31st 2018 » By Andy O'Connor

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Every month, our Deaf Forever column rounds up the best releases in metal, ranging from Swedish post-black and d-beat to Tunisian metalcore and post-power metal. Deaf Forever is also now a playlist: a collection of the month’s best metal, plus whatever our metal columnist, Andy O’Connor, feels like putting in here. It’s the most punishing, unrelenting Spotify playlist you’ll listen to every month. Turn up the volume and raise your second and fifth digits, this is Deaf Forever.

About the playlist: In addition to selections from this month’s metal column, I’ve bookended it with two Manilla Road tracks, as a tribute to the recently fallen Mark “The Shark” Shelton, one of America’s truest Metal Gods. There’s some Texas goodies from Skeleton, featured in last month’s column, and Houston’s Skourge. Saw both of them last week in Austin — they’re on tour right now, don’t sleep.

Andy O'Connor

Andy O'Connor

Andy O'Connor's mom bought him a copy of Fargo Rock City during his freshman year of high school, hoping he would become the next Klosterman and bring honor to the O'Connor name. Instead, he's a metal critic who lives in Austin, Texas, and who has written for Spin, Pitchfork, Noisey, and more. His metal column, DEAF FOREVER is on Vinyl Me, Please every month. At least he's the best metal critic living in Austin.

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