Give the gift of vinyl

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Each month, they'll get

A special edition record essential to your collection

A new record essential to your collection, pressed exclusively for Vinyl Me, Please members, delivered every month

Free Shipping

Shipping is baked into the cost of your membership so you’ll never pay extra again.

Special access to our online record store

First dibs on exclusive titles available only to members. Did we mention free shipping to the US (and the lowest cost shipping everywhere else!)

A weekly round up of all the latest news and tunes

‘The Standard’ newsletter will make you scream with laughter and delight while it fills your brain with good knowledge about great things.

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Give the gift of vinyl, be loved forever

The gift that keeps on giving

We all want to be loved, but it’s hard sometimes to know how to make that happen. At least until now. Vinyl Me, Please memberships not only make great gifts, they also make people love you. We know because a scientist told us. If you don’t believe us, then believe Science. It’s the right thing to do.


Help them build the record collection of their dreams

Vinyl Me, Please is a music-lover’s paradise. That means that if you know someone who loves music, then giving them a VMP subscription is like giving them paradise. They’ll think it’s very cool. They’ll not only get a special VMP exclusive pressing delivered to their door every month (Schwing!), they’ll also get access to our online store that’s stuffed with other exclusive pressings and a slew of vinyl finery to make their lives even more excellent. These are incredible times we’re living in, friends.


Flexible and easy memberships that work for them

We know that trusting someone else to curate your record collection can be scary. Like, really scary. You’ve had your whole life to fine tune your taste and we certainly don’t want to get in the way. That's why we have SWAPs. With SWAPs, you can exchange a featured record with one from the VMP Archive or a limited set of store titles. This way, even though you’re trying new things, you won’t be forced to take a title you already have or you know in advance isn’t right for you. That, plus:

  • No contract, no strings, no guilt trips.
  • No hidden fees, either. We’re not like that, ok?
  • Top shelf customer service to make sure you get the answers and help you need as soon as humanly possible.