Long Way Home

№ 39
March 2016

There’s a dark, roiling hue to the pop sensibilities of Holly Låpsley Fletcher that hooked us in when we first heard her debut album Long Way Home. While her vocal & melodic prowess have the right ingredients for the next big pop star, the minimalist electronic underpinnings push her left of center in just the right way, keeping the listener from ever being able to completely pin her down. At 19, Låpsley has produced an album far beyond her years & one we’ll be quick to spin again and again.

What’s included in this VMP Exclusive:

  • Exclusive VMP pressing on white 150g vinyl
  • 12” x 24” poster with special note from artist
  • Digital download card
  • 12” x 12” original art print by Jose Mertz

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“Don’t be surprised if this album soaks in slowly and becomes a favorite of yours going forward. It fits in so many different situations, and has so much comfort to give, that it belongs as a fixture in your stack of regularly played records.”

Tyler Barstow, Vinyl Me, Please


Introducing Låpsley

Watch our video interview with Lapsley, and learn about her album.

Lapsley Interview: We Talk ‘Long Way Home’ With The British Singer

At 19 years old, singer-songwriter Låpsley has taken personal and relational struggles formed them into a 12-Song LP Long Way Home. As writer, producer and artist, she exerted her personal vision over nearly every facet of the album along the way.

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