Beach House


№ 63
March 2018

Released 10 years ago on February 26, 2008, Devotion marks the point where Beach House found their sound. Singer Victoria Legrand and her musical partner, guitarist and keyboardist Alex Scally, have traveled far since then. Later albums, like 2015’s gorgeous Depression Cherry, have made them one of the most beloved indie acts of their generation. But this one stands alone as a moment of discovery. It felt then and feels now like a glimpse of a private world. A secret worth treasuring.

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10th Anniversary Deluxe Reissue

Half-Speed Remastered, 45RPM

2LP 180g Gold Cloud Burst Vinyl

Gatefold Tip-On Jacket

Lyric Poster Hand Written By Victoria Legrand

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Beach House
“We called it Devotion for a reason. It felt like we were chasing something together. Two dreamers, together in a dreamworld.”

Victoria Legrand

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